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Brand: Specialty Enzyme & Biotechnologies
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Liquid Beta-glucanase

Typical dosage is 0.36 ml/lb of starch.

SEBflo-TL is a liquid enzyme preparation produced by fermentation of a selected, non-GMO strain of Trichoderma reesei. This enzyme is a food-grade, Kosher certified, non-synthetic and organic certifiable product. SEBflo-TL is an endo-glucanase enzyme, which catalyzes the breakdown of beta-glucans from barley, malt, cereal grains, gummy fruit like olives as well as other plant materials. SEBflo-TL catalyzes the breakdown of beta-glucans (1,4-beta-,1,3-beta-glucans) to simple sugars. It promotes liquefaction, reduces viscosity, and improves solid/liquid separation, lautering and filtration. SEBflo-TL is essentially free of protease activity.

SEBflo-TL is used to supplement endogenous cereal glucanase enzyme activity when mashing or grinding malt or other cereal grains. SEBflo-TL beta-glucanase is more temperature-stable than malt glucanase. In the brewing and beverage alcohol industries, SEBflo-TL is used to breakdown cereal grain, cell-wall polysaccharides to increase the yield of fermentable sugars, and to reduce wort/mash viscosity. For best results SEBflo TL is added at the mashing-in stage.

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